Using Math to Prove Software Security and Learn from Nature

“Secure” computer systems get hacked all the time. We live in a world where very few systems are truly safe (if any), and proving that a system is secure is challenging or next to impossible.

Unlike most of others, Glog.AI has a research leg which comes from the perspective of using math to prove software security. Our mathematical methods that aim to prove software security can also prove systems have vulnerabilities. It’s all about deconstructing the large system and analyzing its constituent parts.

This means that when we change one part of the system, we only need to re-analyze the parts we changed and also how it affects other parts, so we can search for vulnerabilities incrementally. While it’s not as assuring as proving security, proving vulnerability can be a faster and simpler process.

In parallel, we also talk to experts who know how natural systems – self-defense of biological systems works.

That is an addition to learning from software security experts and how they fix security issues, architecture review, threat modeling, feedback from production and digital forensics etc.

Again, there is no such thing as a 100% secure system! Be careful with what you have been promised.

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