Glog.AI helps to development teams, application security teams and companies overall to achieve next advantages:

  • Significantly faster remediation of security vulnerabilities
  • Faster delivery of products
  • Agility in process
  • Less prone to errors than [inexperienced] developers
  • Automatic implementation of architectural and Threat Model security controls
  • Resource savings (development time, money)
  • Enforce security best coding practices
  • Secure development education
  • Better readiness for regulatory and compliance requirements and audits

One interesting way of learning to write more secure software code is a side effect of our Glog.AI solution. That is learning from remediation advice given by Glog.AI on how to fix security vulnerabilities found in software code. Glog.AI project is focused on research and development of a solution that can give remediation advice for security vulnerabilities in software code based on context. What is more, it is capable of automatically fixing those vulnerabilities. We are developing such a solution based on machine learning and AI. Using this solution, developers learn how to write more secure code.