If you deliver vulnerable code and it is breached, the damage can be huge and reputation ruined.

Application security testing tools can scan code and report potential security vulnerabilities. Many of them can be false positives. Developers need to analyze and fix them. Glog is a solution able to triage issues, flag false positives and then give remediation advice based on context for real vulnerabilities.

Partner with the Glog team on a mission to make software more secure. Boost your software immunity, remove vulnerable spots.

Remediation advice

We offer a solution that is able to triage issues, flag false positives and then give remediation advice based on context for real vulnerabilities in your code with minimal effort of your development teams or even automatically. Sounds interesting?

We are developing such a solution based on machine learning and AI. Agility in software security is becoming a reality.

We offer services and also Products. Services can be based on:

  1. Payment per project and/or scan
  2. Payment per number of findings and remediation advice

We also provide Glog API – it is intended for current clients of Glog.AI. If you want to become a client, contact us.

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Glog.AI platform overview document.

See Glog Advantages.

Remediation challenges:

  • Developers lose too much time to or sometimes not very skilled to analyze findings
  • Unclear or incomplete remediation advice offered
  • Large number of findings, some of them false positives
  • Time and resources to fix issues extensive, time consuming and unpredictable
  • Sometimes SAST reports don’t detect right process and data flows, entry points, sources and sinks of issues and also security controls in code which are already in place

Numeric example:

  • Application scanned with the leading SAST tool on the market and 300 security findings reported.
  • Average time to analyze and resolve 2 hours per finding (Note: it can vary from couple of minutes to even weeks per security finding)
  • Total time to resolve these findings using standard methods: minimum 600 hours!

Our solution can do it much faster and much better. See case study.

We offer next services:

Help you to:

  • Define and implement Software Security Assurance (SSA) program in your company
  • Define Application and Software Security practice and ISMS (policies, standards, processes, guidance, tools)
  • Integrate security into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Automate specific parts of process
  • Measure effectiveness and KPIs
  • Secure Development Trainings
  • Integrations with other security tools (such are GRC, SOAR and similar tools)
  • Regulatory and compliance advisory

Also, we can help in specific parts of practice:

  • Defining security requirements
  • Security architecture
  • Application security risk management and compliance
  • Threat modeling
  • Application Security Testing
    • SAST – Static Application Security Testing
    • SCA – Software Composition Analysis
    • IAST – Interactive Application Security Testing
    • Secrets Scanning
    • Container Scanning
    • Configuration and Environment Hardening
    • API Security Testing
    • IaC – Infrastructure as Code
    • DAST – Dynamic Application Security Testing
    • RASP – Runtime Application Self-Protection
  • Application Security Monitoring
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Penetration Testing

See also our Products.

Glog.AI is an integral part of DevSecOps and helps to make software more secure in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

DevSecOps Glog

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It’s an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire software lifecycle.