Important Drivers for Glog Adoption

Why do you need the strongest software security? Why do you need Glog.AI?

Important drivers which you should consider for adoption are:

  • Current security issues and breaches which you see almost every day in media. You need to protect your assets, your data and data of your customers. Single security lapse can result in huge damage and, in the most critical situations, take your company out of business completely.
  • The strictest standards, regulations (e.g., ISO/IEC: 27001, 27034, 5055, 27701; NIST SSDF, PA DSS / PCI DSS, WLA SCS, HIPPA, GDPR etc.) and client requirements which become mandatory for software security.
  • Specific requests and orders where you will not be able to do business with certain categories of clients, for example: President of US Executive Order.

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