Glog Monitor

Glog Monitor performs proactive monitoring of scan and remediation jobs. This functionality helps teams to learn immediately about possible issues such as failed jobs, lack of memory, disc space or other. Based on alert, teams can work on correcting issues and rerunning scan jobs. Proactive monitor also helps to find out possible misconfiguration, license issues or do predictive maintenance of software.

The Glog Monitor assists Glog clients in mitigating delays and failures, contributing to enhanced scan quality and scalability. It collects and archives metrics obtained from logs, offering insights into the status of scan jobs for Glog users.

By capturing and storing hardware metrics, the system provides a comprehensive understanding of hardware utilization and usage trends for Glog clients. The alarming system, guided by predetermined thresholds, alerts users to changes and events that demand additional attention. All this data is presented on customizable dashboards, allowing users to view information from various perspectives.

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