GASM – Glog Application Security Management

GASM – Glog Application Security Management: inventory of software applications and components, repository SBOM, technologies, programming languages, owners, IDEs, clients using code etc.

GASM represents centralized, structured software products and data inventory. Data gathered in the application security on boarding phase and later on are stored at GASM.

GASM is used by Glog clients to track the inclusion of software products and components in the SAST process. It aggregates data from the SAST tool to analyze trends and maintain a historical record. Functioning as a fully automated data processing platform, GASM acts as a repository for storing software products inventory, metrics and KPIs.

Data within the GASM system can be managed either through the browser (Admin Panel) or via the REST API. The REST API incorporates token authentication and offers granular access control to ensure secure interaction for Glog users. Using REST API, Glog clients can automate their data management and feed data into external tools.


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