Glog.AI helps software outsourcing companies develop more secure code

Glog.AI can significantly enhance the security of code developed by software outsourcing companies through several key features: Automated Vulnerability Remediation: Glog.AI can automatically identify and fix security vulnerabilities in the code. This reduces the time and effort required for manual … Continued

Importance of software code security for banks and financial institutions

Why is it important to check software code for security vulnerabilities and fix them during the software development phase, especially for banks and similar financial institutions? Checking and fixing security vulnerabilities during the software development phase is crucial, especially for … Continued

Why do companies that develop and sell software not take enough care of security flaws?

One of questions we often hear is: “Why do companies that develop and sell software not take enough care of security flaws in that software and thus put their users and themselves at risk?” The issue of software security is … Continued

GASM – Glog Application Security Management

GASM – Glog Application Security Management: inventory of software applications and components, repository SBOM, technologies, programming languages, owners, IDEs, clients using code etc. GASM represents centralized, structured software products and data inventory. Data gathered in the application security on boarding … Continued

Why do companies not prefer to invest in software security solutions?

It is important to emphasize that investing in software security solutions is crucial for protecting sensitive data, maintaining customer trust, and safeguarding the company’s reputation. Companies that neglect cybersecurity may be more vulnerable to data breaches, financial losses, and damage … Continued