Glog.AI Server

Glog.AI Server is a central place to store all needed data and to execute different AI tasks. The server is a key component to perform application onboarding together with Threat Model integration, triage process by utilizing code language models to predict method behavior and detected validation routines, and to provide context specific remediation advice for each security vulnerability detected.

The Glog server consists of several different modules that provide the Glog services and functionalities. Key Glog Server modules are:

  • Onboarding – Provides user interface to architects/developers to communicate all design and architectural decisions, policies, as well as all security controls suggested by Threat Model.
  • Predictions – Receives distributed vector representation for each method from source code and uses AI model to predict method summary in order to detect validation routines.
  • Triage – Based on onboarding information and predictions, detects context related to application architecture and execution environment as well as implemented logic.
  • Remediation – Based on information provided by Glog Resolver and analysis performed by Onboarding, Predictions and Triage modules, communicates with Large Language Model (LLM) provider and generates detailed context specific remediation
  • GASM – Glog Application Security Management – Represents centralized, structured software products and data inventory.

Glog.AI provides also:
• IDE plugins
• GitHub integrations
• Glog Monitor

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