Why do companies that develop and sell software not take enough care of security flaws?

One of questions we often hear is: “Why do companies that develop and sell software not take enough care of security flaws in that software and thus put their users and themselves at risk?”

The issue of software security is multifaceted, and there are several reasons why companies might not sufficiently address security vulnerabilities:

  1. Economic Pressure: Companies often face pressure to release products quickly to stay competitive, which can lead to security being deprioritized.
  2. Software Complexity: Modern software is extremely complex and integrates numerous components, including open-source code, which increases the potential for security vulnerabilities.
  3. Resource Constraints: Some companies may not have enough financial or human resources to adequately focus on managing security vulnerabilities.
  4. Lack of Awareness: Companies might not be aware of all potential security risks or do not understand the severity of the consequences that security breaches can cause.
  5. Regulatory Requirements: While there are regulatory requirements that mandate the management of security vulnerabilities, some companies may not be fully compliant with these requirements or do not follow industry best practices.

Managing security vulnerabilities is crucial for protecting both users and the company from economic and reputational damage. There are effective frameworks and practices for managing these risks, but it requires companies to recognize the importance of this aspect and invest appropriately in the security of their products.

How Glog.AI can help?

Glog.AI is an integral part of DevSecOps and helps to make software more secure in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

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Glog.AI project is focused on research and development of a solution that can give remediation advice for security vulnerabilities in software code based on context. What is more, it is capable of automatically fixing those vulnerabilities. We are developing such a solution based on machine learning and AI. Agility in software security is becoming a reality!

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