Training on Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity and Software Security

We offer training on Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity and Software Security to our clients. Here is training preliminary content.

First part:

  • Introduction
  • Demystifying artificial intelligence for cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity and software security goals, frameworks and gaps
  • An approach to solving cybersecurity challenges with AI
  • Applying machine learning to cybersecurity
  • Practical considerations, risks and limitations
  • How to start and implement a successful AI based security project­
  • How to choose AI based security products

Second part:

  • How AI can be misused for performing cybersecurity attacks
  • Use AI to defend information systems, software and networks
  • How ML and AI can help with network and endpoint security, threat intelligence, software/application security and security predictions
  • Real life examples of cybersecurity and software security solutions aided by ML & AI
  • Future concerns and opportunities related to AI
  • Conclusions

Benefits we have achieved by use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve cybersecurity and software security, will be covered through real active projects, products, solutions and services.

There are millions of interesting events from a security perspective annually in an average company or organization. Humans hardly can cope with all of them and breaches cost a lot in money, reputation and other costs and damages. Particular challenges are: false positives generated by tools on the market at present time, noise triage and how to remediate/fix issues.

Solutions and case studies for network and endpoint security, threat intelligence and predictions, as well as software security including false positives reduction and remediation of security vulnerabilities in software code, with possibility to achieve even automatic remediation will be presented based on active projects. Solutions can be either based on cloud or on premise and applied from small and medium companies to big enterprises and organizations.

These solutions offer high accuracy, fast detection and remediation, as well as cost and resources savings as they are based on modern technology and predictive approach. Solutions are implemented through real life projects: Software Security – Glog.AI, Network [& End-point] Security – INPRESEC (Intelligent Predictive Security), Threat Intelligence – Security Predictions, Virtual Security Operations Center – vSOC.

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